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Idhu Thanda Police Malayalam Movie Story G. Shankar (Mahesh Babu), an orphan boy finds shelter in the house of Raja (Rajendra Prasad). Shankar was sent to jail for committing a crime, when he was a kid. He comes out of the jail as an eccentric Police offer Encounter Shankar. He is posted to Bokkapatnam and he decides to clear local goon Damodhar (Sonu Sood) issues with the natives. As Shankar goes about confronting Damodhar’s assistants, he comes across Saroja (Tamannaah) and falls in love with her. At this time, Raja’s son and Damodhar has a small flash back. What would be that past? Did Shankar succeed in eliminating bad elements from Bokkapatnam? Forms the rest of the storyline. Idhu Thanda Police Movie Actors: Mahesh Babu is dashing and stylish as a cop. He had to mouth innumerable dialogues unstoppably. His dances offer variety. Tamanna has a limited role as owner of Saroja Sweets. Her episodes as a greedy woman are entertaining. Posani Krishna Murali scores well in reality show episode. Brahmanandam is his usual-self as a Delhi broker. MS Narayana’s database lawyer character is nice. Rajendra Prasad is good in a cameo. Vennela Kishore has justified his full length character as an assistant to hero. Brahmaji is given an honest cop character and his dialogue in interval is impressive. Sonu Sood is alright. Asish Vidyardhi, Rao Ramesh, Raghu Babu and Tanikella Bharani are fine. Ajay plays a dignified and positive character for a change. Shruti Haasan sparkled in a special song with high glamor quotient.

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Movie narrates the interesting story of the incidents that occur when a male Police Officer joins as the driver of an all woman Police Station.
Director: Manoj Palodan
Writers: Manoj Palodan (story), Renjith (screenplay)
Stars: Asif Ali, Janani Iyer, Abhirami

Krishna-Rukku full movie online

Krishna-Rukku is a 2016 Indian Kannada romance film written and directed by Anil Kumar and produced by Uday K. Mehta. It stars Ajay Rao and Amulya in the lead roles.The film's music is composed by Sridhar V. Sambhram and cinematography is by Jagadish Wali.

Krishna Rukku is a love story, with a focus on capturing how people can be possessive of each other in a relationship.

Director: Anil Kumar
Writer: Anil Kumar
Musician: Sridhar Sambhram

amulya and ajay combination scenes very very entertaining.amulya and ajay acting is superb.locations,screen play,music,camerwork,dailouges and directiin is very good.must watchable movie for family audience.dont miss it.

Rom-Com Entertainer n Full Paisa Vasool for the Audiance.Character selection is Perfect n Location selection is v v v good.Thanks to DOP n the whole team.

Ajai Rao seems to have stuck with the name Krishna after his earlier film Krishna Leela became a super duper hit. His latest release is titled Krishna Rukku made on the lines of the Telugu hit Uyyala Jampala. 

Before we tell you whether to watch this film or not, here's some information on the film Krishna Rukku.

Directed by Anil Kumar, the film features Ajay Rao, Amulya, Lekha and Girija Lokesh in important roles.

Plot: Close relatives Krishna (Ajay) and Rukku (Amulya) grow up as neighbours. They are made for each other, but Krishna takes a while to figure that out. The couple is at loggerheads over the silliest of things. However, eventually circumstances lead them to love and respect each other. 

Analysis: With a rural backdrop, the film is a perfect fit for Ajay Rao. None could have done justice to that role. Amulya is her bubbly best as always and carries out her role to the T. Other actors too have done justice to the film. Krishna Rukku is not a scene to scene remake of the original. The film maker has added a few elements to make it palatable for the Kannada audience.

Response: The audience has given a thumbs up to the film. Looks like Ajay Rao has a winner in Krishna Rukku.

Verdict: Old wine in a new bottle but told in a very refreshing way. Krishna Rukku is a must watch for all the fans of Ajay Rao and  Amulya.

Tere Bin Laden 2016 full movie online

Tere Bin Laden"2016 hindi full movie online is a tongue-in-cheek comedy about an ambitious young news reporter from Pakistan who is desperate to migrate to the US in pursuit of the American dream. His repeated attempts to immigrate are shot down as his visa is always rejected. But when things couldn't look worse he comes across an Osama bin Laden look alike. Ali then hatches a scheme to produce a fake Osama video and sell it to news channels as a breakthrough scoop! Unfortunately there are serious ramifications as the White House gets involved and dispatches a overzealous secret agent on Ali's trail.
- Written by Anonymous
After being rejected & even deported from legally entering the United States of America, Karachi-based Danka TV News Reporter, Ali Hassan, then faces more humiliation at the hands of his boss, Majeed Khan, when he ham-handles the Chief Minister's speech. He is then assigned to cover a cock-crowing contest in a small village, gets to witness the winner, Noora, who resembles Osama Bin Laden. Not giving up hope of relocating abroad, he contacts Lashkar-E-Amreeka's Jamalbhai, who demands a considerable sum of money for a fake passport. Ali and his cameraman, Gul, then attempt to locate Osama, and upon failing to do so, decide to create a fake video featuring Noora. They partner with a desperate radio host/mimicry artiste; an Arabic-speaking co-worker, Lateef; a make-up artiste, Zoya; and con a naive Noora to face the camera, enhance his looks - and set off a hilarious/perilous chain of events - hoping to raise enough cash to immigrate.
- Written by rAjOo (
A reporter casts a fake Bin Laden to act in his video message to America, so he can immigrate there.

Kanithan full movie online

Kanithan is an upcoming Tamil film directed by Santhosh and produced by S. Thanu. The film features Atharvaa and Catherine Tresa in the lead roles, while Sivamani composes the film's music. The film is currently in production.

Kanithan is a Tamil action thriller film written and directed by T. N. Santhosh and produced by S. Thanu. The film features Atharvaa and Catherine Tresa in the lead roles, while Sivamani composes the film's music. The film is currently in production.


The project materialised in October 2013, with producer S. Thanu revealing that Atharvaa and Catherine Tresa were signed on by his production house to feature in a film directed by Santhosh, with music by Sivamani and camera work by Arvind Krishna.

The shoot began progressing in December 2013, with a first look poster being revealed the following month. In April 2014, it was reported that Jackie Shroff plays the villain in the film, though he was later replaced by Tarun Arora.


Drums Sivamani compose music for this movie, the music album has six songs. Lyricists Madhan Karky, Navin, and Pulamaipithan penned for the songs. The Audio was released on 27th Jan, 2016.
Genre(s):Drama / Romance / Thriller / Suspense
Adharva, Catherine Tresa
Aadhira, Aadukalam Naren, Bhagyaraj, Manobala, Sundar Ramu, Tarun Arora, Vignesh Raghavan, Y G Mahendran
Producer (s)
Kalaipuli S. Dhanu
Director (s)
Santhosh T N
Genre(s):Drama / Romance / Thriller / Suspense
Adharva, Catherine Tresa
Aadhira, Aadukalam Naren, Bhagyaraj, Manobala, Sundar Ramu, Tarun Arora, Vignesh Raghavan, Y G Mahendran
Producer (s)
Kalaipuli S. Dhanu
Director (s)
Santhosh T N

Jai Gangaajal full movie online

Language:Hindi, Genre(s):Drama
Starring, Priyanka Chopra
Prakash Jha, Queen Harish, Rahul Bhat
Producer (s)
Prakash Jha
Director (s)
Prakash Jha

Gangaajal is the seuqel of 2003 hit movie Gangaajal. Now, director Prakash Jha is ready to offer sequel of the movie.

Yes, Ajay Devgn's production house is all set with the movie Gangaajal 2, the first look of which has been revealed. Like Gangaajal, sequel of the film will also present a story on police with two shades of the same. However, in the first look poster of Gangaajal 2, we see a lady police officer is seen taking the charge.

he sequel will feature Priyanka Chopra in the lead. The actress will play an IPS officer in this sequel.

Filmmaker Prakash Jha says his forthcoming film “Jai Gangaajal” can’t be called a sequel of his 2003 film “Gangaajal” as it unfolds a new chapter on the big screen about society-police relationship, with actress Priyanka Chopra facing new challenges.
Priyanka has donned the khaki uniform for the film, which will hit the screens on March 4 next year. The movie, which was earlier named “Gangaajal 2”, will narrate the nexus between police, society and politicians.
Jha’s “Gangaajal”, which featured actor Ajay Devgn, also revolved around the same topic. The filmmaker asserted that he’s revisiting the territory, albeit with a whiff of freshness.
“It can’t be a sequel. That was a film, which had a protagonist with a situation and was complete in itself. ‘Jai Gangaajal’ is a story of police-society relationship revisited. I’m telling the story of a policeman, who happens to be from today’s time,” Jha told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

What happened with Ajay’s character years ago was completely different and what is happening with Priyanka’s character will be different,” he added. Written and directed by Jha, “Jai Gangaajal” has been produced by Prakash Jha Productions and Play Entertainment. It also stars Manav Kaul, Rahul Bhat, Murli Sharma and Ninand Kamath. Jha, who is known for framing the reality of society with films like “Raajneeti” and “Satyagraha”, noted that just like Ajay’s character was shown caught in a dilemma in the 2003 film, Priyanka will also face troubles in the forthcoming movie. The film will also touch upon the hardships of women in the police force, and how she emerges as a “tough nut” to crack. “Today, when a female police officer is brought in, people think they will be able to manipulate her, but she turns out to be a tough nut to crack. So, conflicts and confrontations start happening,” he added. - See more at:

The Danish Girl full movie online

The Danish Girl

Director: Tom Hooper
Writers: David Ebershoff (novel), Lucinda Coxon (screenplay)
Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Amber Heard 

A fictitious love story loosely inspired by the lives of Danish artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. Lili and Gerda's marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili's groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer.

Lili Elbe defied convention and pushed the boundaries of medical science to become the first transgendered woman. But at what cost?

Einar Wegener would kill himself in the spring. He had chosen a date – May 1, 1930 – after a year spent in torment. The cause of his suffering was quite simple: he was sure he was a woman, born into the wrong body. Or perhaps it was more complicated: sometimes Wegener, whose life is soon to be portrayed on film by the Oscar-winning British actor Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, felt he was two people in the same body, each fighting for supremacy.

One was a Danish landscape painter, a steadfast man who, in his own words, “could withstand storms”. He was married to a woman whose strength and talent matched, or perhaps even surpassed, his own: Gerda Wegener, a successful Art Deco illustrator who produced portraits of fashionable women for magazines such as Vogue and La Vie Parisienne.

The other shared none of these qualities. Lili Elbe was, as she set down in letters and notes for an autobiography, a “thoughtless, flighty, very superficially-minded woman”, prone to fits of weeping and barely able to speak in front of powerful men. But despite her womanly defects, by February 1930 she was becoming too powerful for Wegener to resist. “I am finished,” he wrote at the time. “Lili has known this for a long time. That’s how matters stand. And consequently she rebels more vigorously every day.

Action Hero Biju full movie online

Action Hero Biju is an upcoming malayalam action film which is directed by Abrid Shine with Nivin Pauly in the lead. This is Abrid's second venture as a director after his hit debut (2015)

Chandrolsavam (Malayalam:)  is a full movie  2015 Malayalam romantic drama film written and directed by Ranjith. It stars Mohanlal in the lead as the protagonist Chirackal Sreehari.

Chandrolsavam is a film that deals with a very unusual theme - a man trying to redeem his past. It's a film about a man's love for his nostalgia.

Shreehari, the protagonist, was compelled to leave his village and home after being convicted for plotting a murder, and returns home after living as a musician in Paris for five years. Back home, he tries to get back every moment of his past-his teenage romance, the sights and sounds that he had once savoured because he does not have much life left, he is afflicted with cancer.

Chandrolsavam is about Shreehari's celebration of his life, love, friendships and memories. It tells the story of a man in search of his past and through it shows man's unending love for the life he has lived.